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LEGO Technic Set # 42036 Street Motorcycle

Lego Technic #42036 Street Motorcycle Rear Tire

Free LEGO Monday

Free LEGO bricks

When out with Daisy on our morning walk, there are many things I expect to see: kids on their way to school, squirrels hustling to find all of the nuts they hid away months ago, middle-aged people jogging red-faced trying in vain (literally) to get ready for swimsuit weather. What I never expect to see is …

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LEGO City Series 3 Set # 60041 Crook Pursuit

Lego City Crook Pursuit Officer & Motorcycle

What can I say? I don’t have a great interest in the Lego City series, but this set was on clearance for $2.99 so I grabbed it mostly because I was curious about how the motorcycle was built. I feel a little cheated since the bulk of the motorcycle was just two pieces: the outer …

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