Day 20 – Imperial Hovertank

Imperial Hovertank

I can forgive LEGO for the First Order snowspeeder. There was a pretty long chase scene featuring snowspeeders that was excised from the final cut of The Force Awakens. LEGO finalizes sets before the movie is released so they had to make the best of it. However, there is no excuse for the Imperial hovertank. There is no such thing as an Imperial hovertank in the Star Wars universe. They don’t exist. According to, even though the idea of a hovertank was scrapped early on in the development of Rogue One,  LEGO ran with it anyway. The tanks seen roaming the streets of Jedha are Imperial combat assault tanks, track propelled tanks. Get with the program, LEGO. If you are going to give us non-existent vehicles to build at least make them interesting. It’s better than a box with a wrench, but not by much.


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