Geoffrey Beetem Earth Marble


Earth Marble

Participating in the World’s Biggest Marble Hunt has been an amazing experience for me and my family. It is no exaggeration to say that it is as much fun for me to hide marbles and dole out clues as it is to hunt for them in the wild. That said, my family and I have found some truly spectacular marbles. I am consistently stunned by their beauty and the artisanship that went to creating them.

Like my children, I love them all equally, but again like my children, one will always outshine the rest.* This week I found that marble, a Geoffrey Beetem Earth marble, hidden here in Carlisle by the artist himself. Geoffrey Beetem is a world class master glass artist with few peers.

I was neither a collector nor a marble aficionado until very recently, but I am still embarrassed to admit that I did not know about Mr. Beetem or about his Earth series of marbles which are the Holy Grail of marble collectors worldwide. It makes me feel undeserving of a thing of such stunning beauty that is coveted by so many. I’ll learn to live with that feeling, though, as there is no way I would ever give this marble up.

To learn more about Geoffrey Beetem, please visit his website:

* You can stop being indignant now. I was joking. I only have one child.

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