littleBits cloudBit Starter Kit Unboxing

littleBits cloudBit Starter Kit

littleBits cloudBit Starter Kit

Ever since my local RadioShack started carrying littleBits, the modular electronics system for students, makers and hackers, I’ve spent more and more time in front of their display in the store, going back and forth about whether to purchase any. I never did pull the trigger. Until now.

Honestly, the price for both the kits and the individual components was (and still is) a bit off-putting. Maybe just as importantly, littleBits seemed like a step backward for me. I’m not an electrical engineer by any stretch of the imagination, but color-coded, snap-together components must just be be for kids, right?


On my most recent biweekly trip to check out RadioShack’s clearance prices, I found all of the littleBits items were 60% off. At that price I couldn’t leave empty handed. Although they still had some of the more inclusive starter kits, with a tag line of “Snap the internet to anything,” I knew the cloudBit Starter Kit was going to be my first investment.

What follows are photos of all of the components this kit contains. I haven’t even had a chance to build anything yet, but just by handling the components I both impressed by the quality, and more than a little overwhelmed with the possibilities. Hopefully I’ll be able to share more about my littleBits creations in future posts.


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