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Voltmeters and Internal Resistance

Simple resistive circuit with voltmeter

Question: Does a voltmeter have any internal resistance, and if so, what, if any, affect does it have on voltage readings? Answer: Even if you have no electrical experience at all, I would hope that your answer to the first part of the question was, “yes.” Otherwise this would turn out to be an incredibly short …

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LEGO Star Wars Microfighters # 75075 AT-AT

Lego Star Wars Microfighters AT-AT - Rear

Barn’s Burnt Down

Barn's Burnt Down by Mizuta Masahide

Euler’s Formula

Besides being an obvious lady killer, Swiss mathematician Leonhard Euler gifted the world with some pretty important mathematical concepts, notational conventions, and formulas. I almost feel bad about the fact that I couldn’t even spell his name correctly until I was well into adulthood. You are probably thinking, “Sure, he had a bitchin’ robe, and for …

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Lego Creator Series Emerald Express #31015

Complex Numbers and their Geometry

(Note: I lied. This will be my first “neural dump.” I began writing about Euler’s Formula, but felt what follows was worthy of its own post and a better foundation for what will follow when I tackle Euler.) Complex numbers arose from the fact that there is no solution for in the equation in , …

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LEGO Mixels Series 3 Figure # 41524 Mesmo

Lego Mixels Mesmo - Right

Finally Bought an Arduino Yun

Anker Astro3

I’ve had my eye on the Arduino Yun since it came out, but between an Uno, a Duemilanove, and a handful of shields, I always had something to play with and hadn’t run into any limitations that justified picking one up at the expense of some other shiny, new toy. Last week, however, a perfect storm …

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Why “Neural Dump?”

Leonhard Euler

I will soon be making the first post that I believe lives up to this site’s name, “Neural Dump.” The post will be an informal outline of the derivation of Euler’s Formula.  I consider this forthcoming post to be a “neural dump” since the audience I am primarily targeting is me. “Huh?” you ask. Well, …

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LEGO Mixels Series 3 Figure # 41518 Glomp

Lego Mixels Glomp - Left