OWI Solar Robot Kit – The Body

OWI Solar Robot Kit Gearbox Transmission Pieces

Gearbox Transmission Pieces

So I am going it alone again today. School has been back in session for several weeks now. With evenings and weekends consumed with homework, friends, karate, and Minecraft, I am lucky to even get my daughter’s attention let alone hold it for any appreciable length of time. Her life is full of friendship, creativity, and exercise so I find it difficult to complain though.

I, however, am tired not moving ahead with this kit. Before I can start assembling any robots there was one final “permanent” module that I had to assemble – the body.

As I think I may have stated in a previous post, while this kit allows you to build several robots using reconfigurable pieces, there are two modules that are static and present in every robot: the head, whose sole purpose is to hold the small solar panel, and the body which is nothing more than a gearbox housing the motor and robot transmission system.

In regards to the assembly process, I really don’t have many comments. The instructions, as previously noted, are light on text, but the graphics made it very clear which pieces were needed and how they should be put together. For what it is, the final assembled body feels both solid and tight. Here’s a few pictures to show how it went:


And finally, I was able to test my progress to date by connecting the previously assembled head to the body. It was no small bit of satisfaction I felt when I placed the small plastic torso in the path of the sun streaming through my workshop window and its gears spun to life. Now I have to decide which bot to build first. That will be next time, although I can’t say when. Stay tuned.

OWI Solar Robot - Head and Body

Head & Body Together at Last!

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