WR-07 Robo-One Transformer

WR-07 Robo-One Transformer

As if it it weren’t difficult enough to build and program a regular biped robot for Robo-One events, Nakamura-san at Himeji Soft Works in Japan has raised the bar with the WR-07, a car that transforms smoothly on the fly into a battle-ready humanoid and back again. It’s no surprise that Robots-Dreams.com has the scoop on the WR-07 including pictures and links to videos of it in action. If that’s not enough, they taunt us with the fact that they’ll get to see it live at the Robo-One competition in Tokyo next month.

The original Transformers TV show fell right on the cusp of my transition into becoming a teenager, a period when I began looking at toys differently, a time when I became less interested in playing and more interested in investigating the science behind the science fiction. Who am I kidding. I still enjoy playing, but one can’t outright call it that when the toys are this expensive.

I look forward to Robots-Dreams following up on this one after Robo-One next month. Hint. Hint.

Read the article and comments over at Robots-Dreams.com: “A Car And A Robot Are A Boy’s Dreams.”

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