The Full Alan Cox ZDNet UK Interview

Earlier this week, I wrote that ZDNet UK had recently spoken with Alan Cox about his opinion of the third revision of the General Public License (GPL). The original CNET article was a little light on content, offering a few quotes from Cox but not much else. Today CNET has published the full interview which took place last week after a Cox speech at the Trusted Computing conference in London. In addition to GPLv3 the interview covers OSS, DRM, software patents, and Linux kernel development. The interview offers no surprises since most of Cox’s opinions on those subjects are well known and have not changed. I did, however, learn that this interview took place before Linus’s shootdown of GPLv3 on the Linux Kernel Mailing List (LKML) last week. That would explain why Cox, who is leaning towards the new revision, did not address any of the issues raised by Torvalds.

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