FedEx Institute Launches Robotics Research Center

FedEx Institute of TechnologyThe FedEx Institute of Technology at the University of Memphis announced today that they will be launching a new robotics research center focused on developing robot technology with everyday uses. The new research center, the first since the FedEx Institute opened in 2003, will be initially funded by FedEx Corporation with corporate and government sponsorships to hopefully follow. The center will be home to students, researchers, and faculty and will host public events in addition to the research and academic work.

In today’s press release Eric Mathews, associate director for corporate r&d at the FedEx Institute, said, “Robots will be hard to ignore in our lives in the near future. The creation of this center is done in guidance with FedEx Corporation, and collectively we would like to take the initiative to make the future of robotics happen faster. That’s why we exist.”

Created in 2003 by FedEx Corporation and the University of Memphis, the FedEx Institute of Technology was conceived as a research laboratory where researchers and scientists from many diverse disciplines including nanotechnology, robotics, artificial intelligence, and biotechnology work together and share resources with Fortune 500 companies to develop innovative solutions to modern issues.

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