KYOSHO’s KHR-1-based Manoi

Manoi Humanoid Robot


Although it won’t be available commercially until mid-summer 2006, the Manoi made its debut at IREX last week. Manufactured by KYOSHO Corporation in conjunction with Kondo Kagaku Co., Ltd., the Manoi consists of a Tomotaka Takahashi-designed outer skin on top of a Kondo KHR-1 skeleton. The Manoi is very similar in appearance to the other robots Takahashi created at the Robo Garage including the Chronio and the Neon. According to KYOSHO, the outer covering, or “costume” as they call it, does not impede Manoi’s movement in any way, allowing for the same performance as the KHR-1. The projected price is 1400 USD which seems like a great deal since the unassembled KHR-1 kits are currently selling for1445 in the US.


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