The Linux-Powered Kegbot

The Kegbot

credit: M. Wakerly

Popular Science has an article today about the Kegbot, a keg fridge crossed with a Linux computer. Developed by software engineer Mike Wakerly, the system is built around a microcontroller that manages a valve and flowmeter that’s been integrated into the tap line of an ordinary keg fridge. The controller is interfaced to a Linux computer and software developed by Wakerly that manages user access, tracks pour totals and keg performance statistics, and publishes it all online.

A person wanting a drink identifies him or herself by means of a digital ID button. If the computer verifies the person is allowed to drink, it opens up the valve and begins measuring the flow. Once the drink is poured the computer updates its database with the total volume poured, an estimate of blood alcohol content (BAC), and the number of drinks the person has left if they have a limit. Along with user statistics, keg temperature and freezer activity are published to the web site,

I’ve seen this story today on many of the blogs I read. Would’ve thought a story about beer and Linux would be popular among geeks?

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