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Support Bloggers' RightsThanks to BoingBoing I learned today about the new EFF Bloggers’ Rights fundraising campaign. To raise awareness, membership, and funds, the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) is asking bloggers to add EFF badges to their sites encouraging people to join and “support bloggers’ rights.”

Bloggers who publish the buttons are offered discount memberships, and each month EFF picks their favorite blogs for promotion in their newsletter. They’re also giving away goodies like t-shirts and pajamas to the blogs that bring in the most donations. Whether you are a fellow blogger, or not, I ask that you at least investigate the EFF, regardless of any material incentive, to learn about the hard, endless, and often thankless work they do to secure the rights of all citizens in this digital age.

EFF is a donor-funded, nonprofit organization founded in 1990 to defend free speech, privacy, innovation, and individual consumer rights in a quickly evolving, digital world where those rights are increasingly stripped away and abused by the government and big corporations. Using lawyers, activists, and technologists, EFF has filed and defended lawsuits on behalf of consumers and ordinary citizens. Litigation is just part of their fight. They also advise and educate policymakers, lawmakers, the press and the public.

Read the EFF Legal Guide for Bloggers.

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