Mar 142006

Robot Koi
Today is shaping up to be aquatic robot day, so it’s fitting that Pink Tentacle brings us an article about a robot built by Ryomei Engineering that is modeled after a koi carp. At 31 inches long and 26 pounds, the robotic koi can swim like the real thing plus do some things its inspiration can’t, like swimming backwards and rotating in place. It is controlled by wireless remote, has a camera in its head and built-in sensors for testing water quality. The koi is not the first aquatic robot Ryomei Engineering has produced. Other iterations include a sea bream and prehistoric coelacanth.

Read about the robotic koi at “Hiroshima engineers develop robotic carp

Mar 132006

ACM-R5 Snake RobotRobot snakes are nothing new, and although there are quite a few impressive models out there already, reported yesterday on the ACM-R5, an amphibious robosnake that out-snakes the rest of them. At a little over 6 feet long and weighing roughly 18 pounds, the ACM-R5 expertly mimics the movement of its biological counterpart both on land and in water. has an excellent video showing the ACM-R5 swimming and crawling, as well some pretty detailed shots illustrating its inner workings. The narration is in Japanese, but the footage is compelling regardless.

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