Feb 012006
Save the Aibo!

source: ColorSiteShop.com

It was thanks to their meticulous attention to detail while inspecting Sony’s quarterly earnings report last week that the fellas at Akihabaranews.com were able to uncover Sony’s plans to put the Aibo to sleep. Even though Sony went public with their decision previous to the Akibaranews discovery in a press conference held in Japan about their earnings, it wasn’t until Akihabaranews reported their findings that word spread rapidly online, disappointing Aibo owners, robot enthusiasts, and tech dreamers alike. Today Akihabaranews.com reports that a group of French Aibo owners have started an online petition in an attempt to keep the platform alive, or at the very least, let Sony know how much this shortsighted decision affected not only Aibo owners, but others as well.

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Jan 262006

Sony's QRIO

It appears as though the Purdue University study I reported on yesterday extolling the virtues of robot pets came too late to save everyone’s favorite robo-puppy, the Sony Aibo, and apparently it’s not the sole casualty of Sony’s bottom line. While there has been no official announcement, careful inspection of Sony’s 2005 3rd Quarter Earnings Announcement posted on their corporate site this morning reveals that they’ve killed the Aibo product line and will be ceasing development of Qrio.

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Dec 162005
Sony's QRIO humanoid robot

source: AFP

Hot on the heels of Honda’s Asimo update announced this past Tuesday, Sony today introduced the world to the newest version of their humanoid robot, QRIO. The enhancements to the QRIO include an additional camera mounted in its forehead, mechanical improvements to its arms and hands, and better machine vision algorithms and AI. Like its Honda counterpart, QRIO is now able to recognize faces, colors, and stationary and moving objects.

During its debut in Ginza, Japan this morning, the 60 cm, 7.5 kg QRIO strode out on to the stage wiggling its hips in sync to the music in the background.

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