Sep 012015

Lego City Crook PursuitWhat can I say? I don’t have a great interest in the Lego City series, but this set was on clearance for $2.99 so I grabbed it mostly because I was curious about how the motorcycle was built. I feel a little cheated since the bulk of the motorcycle was just two pieces: the outer white shell, and the inner black frame and forks. Still a pretty cool set for the price, though.

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Nov 222005
InRob Tech's Hornet MK-5

InRob Tech’s Hornet MK-5 is reporting that InRob Tech, Ltd., a Las Vegas based robotics developer, has announced plans today to begin developing a bigger version of its bomb-disposal robot, the Hornet MK-5, during the spring of 2006. The MK-5 has been popular with police and military forces for several years, but InRob has now recognized a growing need for a larger, stronger, more robust robot.

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