Jan 192016

BoxJohn McLear is a class act. I wish I had a taller mountain to shout this from so that I could let the world know that even though Kickstarter horror stories seem to be a dime a dozen these days, Mr. McLear and his eponymous company, McLear Ltd., are a stellar example of Kickstarter done right.  They will be the benchmark by which I evaluate all future projects that I support.

Having already backed a few projects, I was already familiar with Kickstarter when in the summer of 2013 I stumbled on John McLear’s project to create a ring embedded with a pair of NFC tags. I believe that by the time I made my pledge, the project was on fire, having already exceeded its funding goal and then some. Between an amazing idea and immense amount of upfront R&D, it was easy to see why it was so popular. Continue reading »